Keane have returned 5 things you need to know

British rock band Keane have returned in 2019 after a five year hiatus, here is everything you need to know.

1 The band’s new single “The Way I Feel” is out now.

The new song was released with the announcement of their returning album, ‘Cause and Effect’. The song, upbeat and catchy gives vibes of Vegas rock band, ‘The Killers’, this single echoes their synth based feel.

The Way I Feel hopefully gives us a taste of what we can expect this September, with a new era for the boys from Sussex, and a refreshing new pop rock sound.

‘The Way I Feel’ is out now everywhere.

2. The new LP ‘Cause and Effect’ will be released on September 20th.

On the 6th of June 2019, alongside their new single, Keane announced their new album is called ‘Cause and Effect’ and will be released in a few months on September 20.

Keane’s fifth studio album will be fuelled by the pain of keyboardist Tim Rice Oxley’s pain from issues with his personal life. The album, and the band’s surprising return, came after frontman Tom Chaplin released two successful solo albums. However, he struggled without Tim, his former songwriting partner. Meanwhile, Tim suffered from personal problems, and he began to write. As soon as the other band members heard them, Cause and Effect was born.

3. Keane are hitting the road this September

As well as a run of festivals this summer, including a spot at the acoustic stage for the legendary Glastonbury festival, Keane are taking their show on tour across the world later.

Already, we can be sure of dates in the UK and Latin America, and we are likely to see other legs to be added soon.

Here is where you can catch them in the UK:

Leicester: 25 September

Manchester: 26 September

London: 28,29 September

Newcastle: 1 October

Edinburgh: 2 October

Nottingham: 4 October

Brighton: 5 October

Belfast: 7 October

Dublin: 8 October

4. Tom Chaplin has just come off the back of a UK tour performing the songs of Queen

Lead singer Tom Chaplin took the songs of Queen on tour this April, after a very successful one off performance at The London Palladium for BBC Radio 2’s ‘Friday Night is Music Night’

The show was wonderful, with Tom, 40, fronting a 24 piece orchestra as he pranced across the stage to one of his favourite band’s incredible music. The shows were full of a lot of respect for the musical legend, Tom repeatedly spread his love and admiration for Freddie Mercury and Queen.

The highlight of the show for me was the euphoric crowd sing a long of ‘We Are The Champions’ to finish a joyous night of live music.

Tom Chaplin demonstrated his incredible ability to engage a crowd, building the excitement for Keane’s headline tour in late 2019.

5. The group have made it clear they are enjoying being back on each other’s company

After singer and keys player Tom Chaplin and Tim Rice Oxley’s fall out became public, despite never ruling out a reunion, the British group were hitting headlines for the wrong reasons, including Tom’s battle with addiction.

However, this time around, the duo are insistent that their friendship is back on track and they are loving working together again.

Be sure to to follow the blog to keep updated, I will be reviewing any future Keane material!

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