Ed Sheeran’s controversial album announcement – who will we hear?

Megastar Ed Sheeran revealed the eagerly waited list of artists on his new collab album. Has his talent given in to commercial appeal? ‘No.6 Collaborations project comes out on July 12.

Ed Sheeran – a household name across the world. The singer songwriter from West Yorkshire rose to the very top with his radio friendly hits including ‘Thinking Out Loud’ ‘and ‘Castle on The Hill.’ We all know at least one of his light pop tunes.

There is no doubt that as a youngster, as well as showing great talents, Ed worked extremely hard to get industry attention. At the age of 16, the ‘Perfect’ hitmaker moved to London. In a world full of determined, fierce songwriters and their guitars, mainly older and more experienced, Sheeran spent his days sleeping on sofas, hitting every open mic night he could. In 2009, he played an unbelievable 312 gigs in 2009.

However, with three unbelievably successful albums to his name, Ed Sheeran has been transformed from a boy and a guitar into a commercial engine. With a whopping net worth of $110 million, the singer’s new collaboration album is built to appeal to the masses. Spotify streams are about to go through the roof (the usual motivation for mainstream collaborations nowadays) as huge artists like Camila Cabello and the infamous Justin Bieber drawing in the crowds.

As well as his typical pop style, Ed and his team have clearly attempted to bring a whole new audience. Stars such as Stormzy and Eminem’s name on the cover will guarantee interest from a different kind of music fan. It will be very interesting how this split will affect the flow of the LP, but it is clear to me this commercialised format is not designed for the greater good of the sound. However, this is Ed Sheeran, what can we expect? Great tunes, great talent, is being moved out of the way for a musical empire.

Ed is still yet to conclude his whopping worldwide divide tour, with six huge homecoming shows in Leeds and Ipswich

Two singles from the upcoming project have been released. Interestingly, each artist very different. Here are my thoughts:

I Don’t Care – with Justin Bieber

I’ll admit, this song has grown on me. However, not enough. When I first heard this. I was shocked at just how bad it really is. Despite a slightly catchy melody, the first single of the album disappoints. Anodyne, boring lyrics and an unimpressive melody pretty much sums up the two artists. After many listens, trying to understand the fuss, the tune finally began to make sense. Still not a huge fan.


Cross me – with Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock

I don’t know how Ed expects the majority of his fans to enjoy both I Don’t Care and Cross Me. These are two completely different songs, belonging to two completely different albums. The commercial capability here has clearly outweighed what really matters: the fans. The average consumer wants to hear a complete album they can enjoy. Ed Sheeran needs to pick a camp and stick with it.

‘Cross Me’ is a new beast. You would never guess this is from the same artist as the 2017 radio friendly, light pop fuelled album ‘Divide’. The latest tune is built on a simple, stereotypical rap style beat, topped off with simple lyrics, nothing too impressive here.


It will be interesting to see what we can expect, will it be more of the same or will stars like Camila Cabello and Bruno Mars bring the best out of the opportunity?

“No.6 Collaborations project” will be out everywhere on 12 July.

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