Rock n Rollstar – Liam Gallagher in 2019

Oasis star Liam Gallagher’s solo act is as strong as ever, here is a story of his career, his Glastonbury performance, his future, and of course, his brother.

Supersonic – years after the famous split of beloved British band Oasis, Liam Gallagher is still bringing in the crowds.

Saturday night at the Pyramid Stage is always special. Tonight is no different. It’s the 29th of June 2019. 10 years after one of the world’s greatest bands, Oasis, split, frontman Liam takes second on the bill at one of the best nights of the musical year. The 46 year old still knows how to entertain.

An electric atmosphere sets Glastonbury alight, as Liam throws Oasis classics at the eagre crowd, alongside an impressive range of solo works. Crowd pleasing isn’t everything here, with Liam often talking about the importance of Oasis songs to him. Without these, he knows he wouldn’t be where he is today, on the Pyramid Stage. Talking of Oasis, Noel’s presence is never far away. Liam and his band nailed legendary Oasis tune ‘Roll With It’ early on in the set, referencing his brother’s recent comments, which was met with a huge cheer.

Scottish singer songwriter Lewis Capaldi saw no problem with sparking Gallagher drama on worthy farm either. After being mocked by Noel and his kids, the rising star walked out dressed like Liam! It doesn’t end there. After taking his outfit off, Lewis plays the whole set in a Noel Gallagher t shirt, with the ‘High Flying Birds’ frontman’s face in a loving heart. Liam loves it! According to Liam, Lewis Capaldi is likely to support Liam on his huge arena tour later this year!

Lewis Capaldi’s set on the other stage was fuelled by recent Noel Gallagher row

With new documentary ‘As it Was’ out now, and a 2019 arena tour on the way, the future is bright for the mancunian. Feauturing nights at Manchester Arena and London’s o2 Arena, the set is sure to be filled with the Oasis favourites, plus a range of his solo works, including songs from his second LP, ‘Why Me? Why Not.’ out September 20th.

Will we see an Oasis reunion?

Not any time soon. After their breakup in 2009, the two Gallagher brothers have been at each other ever since. Despite very strong rumours over the years, including an expected reunion at One Love Manchester in 2017, each has blown over. Both Liam and Noel are busy with their own projects at the moment, an Oasis reunion is currently out of the question

Unfortunately it looks like Oasis is a thing of the past. However, what will never change is the legacy the Gallaghers left, and we stil,of course, have the incredible songs that defined a generation.

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