Someone You Loved – the Lewis Capaldi story

After an incredible 5 weeks at number one with his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’, we take a look back at Lewis Capaldi’s rise to stardom.

Lewis Capaldi isn’t your everyday pop star. Staying true to yourself in a world full of selfies and plastic surgery, it is rare that a true ‘boy from next door’ charachter makes it big. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Meet Lewis Capaldi. Renowned for his humour, the scottish singer songwriter is pop music’s next big thing. At only 22 years of age, is the king of the charts at the moment. After his impressive, hilarious, Glastonbury performance this weekend, 2019 has marked the birth of a new superstar.

At the age of two, Capaldi began learning guitar and drums. By 9 years old, the Glasgow born youngster started singing in pubs. This priceless experience payed off. Still a teenager, Lewis was discovered by his manager, Ryan Walter, via a phone recording uploaded to SoundCloud. The calm before the storm.

31st March 2017. Lewis Capaldi – Bruises. The Scotsman’s first track, second on his debut album, is released. Still an unsigned artist, Lewis is blown away as the beautiful track reaches 28 million plays, very quickly. Project Lewis Capaldi takes off, as the boy with a guitar signs to Virgin EMI records and the legendary Capitol Records. Fastforward two years. Lewis beams as a huge Glastonbury crowd religously sing the moving lyrics, as ‘Bruises’ is still a favourite amongst a loving crowd.

Adored by a nation, Lewis Capaldi’s rare sense of humour makes him stand out from a crowd of similiar artists

2018 was an important stepping stone in Lewis’ career, with his first BRIT award nomination, alongside the release of his best known song, ‘Someone You Loved’ an incredibly moving piano ballad. 2018 also saw Capaldi hit the road, selling over 60,000 headline tickets.

2019. They year of ‘Someone You Loved’. Despite being released in 2018, this year saw ‘Someone You Loved’ take off internationally, with the song soundtracking the start of many fan’s year, reaching number 1 on the UK Singles Chart, and staying there for 7 weeks. On the 8th February 2019, an emotional video feauturing actor Peter Capaldi, Lewis’ distant family member. The video was based on an organ donation storyline, and lied close to a lot of fan’s hearts.

I’m sure there is still a lot to come from the young singer, displaying a lot of attention, he has already gathered a large fanbase.

Lewis Capaldi is taking his songs on the road for a higly anticipated sold out arena tour, in March 2020

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