A Head Full Of Dreams: When will Coldplay return?

Dazzling colours light up the night. A buzz of excitement. Emotions are running high. Welcome to Coldplay. It’s the final night of one of the world’s biggest bands’ huge world tour, 53,000 fans cheer as Buenos Aires plays host to one of the greatest shows in the world. This is the end of a beautiful, vibrant 20 year story. After over 18 months on hiatus, when will we see the next chapter?

“Guy, Will, John and Chris, Don’t you forget!” A young, passionate Chris Martin frolicks in front of a camera, as he spreads the word. His band are the next big thing. “We’re gonna be massive, absoloutely huge!” Skinny and wearing an oversised shirt, the devon born singer leaps away.

20 years later, Coldplay dominate world music, with 7 chart topping studio albums. The band, formed in a London student accomodation hall, have sold out huge stadiums across the world, and their latest, ‘A Head Full of Dreams Tour’ was the third highest grossing concert tour in history.

However, the band are currently on their longest hiatus yet, and fans are beginning to wonder when we will hear new music from the UK’s pop giants.

Are Coldplay coming back?

Almost certainly. After a year long silence, Coldplay’s social media presence is beginning to become more active. A flurry of activity in the later months of 2018 left fans hoping for more, but we were given the ‘The Butterfly Package’, a collection of a live album, concert film, and most excitingly, the ‘A Head Full of Dreams’, a wonderful selection of exclusive videos, filmed and directed by friend of the band, Mat Whitecross. A recent social media post by Paolo Petrocelli announced he is working as a cultural advisor to the group, and has been involved in ‘new special projects’.

Who are ‘Los Unidades’?

On the 27th November 2018, a social media account, named ‘Los Unidades’ popped up. Promoted on Coldplay’s record label, Parlophone’s Twitter, the page feautured a poster, including an anagram of ‘Coldplay 2018′. It became clear this was our boys. Confusion arose, was this a name change, new band, or side project? It remains un confirmed, but the likelyhood is that it is a side project, it seems the band wanted to release music for charity project, Global Citizen Festival, without breaking hiatus. Global Citizen is an organisation strongly backed by frontman Chris, and on December 2nd, Chris performed Los Unidades’ ‘E-Lo’ with Pharell Williams, at a Global Citizen Festival in South Africa, celebrating the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Coldplay – Live in São Paolo

It hasn’t been completely silent. Unable to resist, Chris Martin is now a frequent performer at special events, and making guest appearances across the world. Most recently, the powerful frontman, renowned for his lively antics on stage, performed with Kylie Minogue and Stormzy at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. On July 24, he is down to perform a special set at music legend Elton John’s AIDS foundation gala in France.

When can we expect new tunes?

Despite all the promising news, the earliest we can expect a new Coldplay LP is most likely late 2020, with band manager Dave Holmes suggesting the band will not tour until 2021. If this is the case, an official announcement could be likely for spring 2020, but nothung is confirmed yet. On the other hand, it is not impossible for a surprise return to be on the horizon anytime soon. With social media and fan sightings, despite living on other sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Chris, John, Will and Guy have been gathering at music studios in both the UK and USA recently. This was confirmed by Mat Whitecross at a special event relating to the ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ film.

Another typical Coldplay record?

It is entirely possible that album number 8 is similar to recent Coldplay works, though a new, unconventional project has been hinted at, once again by, a Coldplay fan’s saviour, 41 year old Mat Whitecross. New for 2019, posted on official Coldplay social media accounts, Chris’ monthly message to fans, with song reccomendations, suggest the the pop legend’s music taste is changing, expressing his love for british rapper Stormzy, and modern synth pop band, The 1975. After Los Unidades released electronic based single ‘E-Lo’, it seems we could be hearing a whole new Coldplay sound in the near future.

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