The 1975 – Notes On A Conditional Form

On May 31st 2018, The 1975 made a promise. They are releasing a fourth studio album. At the time, vocalist Matty Healy revealed the album would be released in May 2019. May 2019 has been and gone. Here is when we can expect to hear ‘Notes on A Conditional Form’ and everything else you need to know.

Early last year, alongside a single for The 1975’s upcoming record, ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ the Manchester pop rock band announced the ‘Music For Cars Era’, made up of two LPs, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and Notes On A Conditional Form. It is now July 2019. A Brief Inquiry is out, and it’s incredible. The 1975 took it out on the road with incredible arena shows, and it won best British Album at the BRIT awards. However, ‘Notes’ is still mererly a concept, with no official release date, singles, or leaks. Here is everything we know so far.

Possible release date?

A technical error from Google could give us a good idea of when to expect something new from Matty’s boys. No longer available, a few days ago the date “17th August 2019” popped up if you searched ‘The 1975’. This is almost certainly a leaked release date. I believe this is likely to be the release of the album’s first single, as it aligns with what Matty has said in interviews recently. Despite many false claims for releases in the past, the london born frontman has confirmed a single will be available before Leeds & Reading Festivals, a week later startiong 23rd August.

As for the full album, it seems possible that even the band are not sure at this point. After giving many mixed messages, the current suggestion is that, although they have finished their strong, leadout tracks, the full work is not completed.

Adam, Ross, Matty, George

Album Artwork

With two variations of their logo for their first two albums, and ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’ reveiving extremely minimalist artwork, the aesthetics of ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ is likely to be very basic. On his social media accounts (@truman_black) Matty has teased various different NOACF ideas.

Notes On A Conditional Form

With many well known hits, The 1975’s sound has changed dramatically throughout their career, with mainly guitar based tracks on their 2013 self titled album, an era aesthetically themed in black and white. In 2016, a publicity stunt worried fans, when the band deleted all social media accounts. However, a short while later, the accounts return: The 1975 pop out in colour, a new pink theme for the pop fuelled follow up record ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’. This new era is soundtracked by vibrant, rich pop tracks. 2018’s ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’ displays musical diversity at its best, loaded with a powerful mix of modern electronic tracks, and of course Matty Healy’s beloved 80s pop, portrayed in an appealing single, ‘It’s not Living if it’s not With You’

What can we expect from ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’?

It is hard to know. Given where the band are at in their career, I’d suggest an exciting mix. Currently deciding between three tracks to lead off the album, we can be sure to hear some classic radio friendly hits, but perhaps more excitingly, a new range of B-Sides will showcast the true 1975. Replying to a fan’s question regarding whether ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ will be an emo record, Healy replied “Kind of, Yeah.” I believe notes will be a range of pop hits, heavily autotuned electro tracks, mellow acoustic tunes and perhaps even a spoken word track.

The 1975 will take ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ on tour in 2019/2020

After a successful world tour following ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, The 1975 are favoured to headline Glastonbury’s 50th Anniversary in 2020. Fans can be sure to prepare for another brilliant album tour, after The 1975’s record label, Dirty Hit boss Jamie Oborne promised a NOACF UK tour during a fan Q&A on Twitter.

‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ Predictions

First Single: 17th August 2019

Album: Late September 2019

UK Tour: January 2020

Tour – December, through to summer festival dates

I will be reviewing The 1975’s new material as it comes.

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