Three new tracks from pop megastar, Ed Sheeran

Since my latest blog regarding Ed Sheeran’s upcoming ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’ the West Yorkshire born singer songwriter has released three greatly diverse collab tracks: ‘Beautiful People’, ‘BLOW’ and ‘Best Part of Me’. Here are my thoughts.

With 3 studio albums to his name, all named after mathematical symbols, after concluding his mega ‘divide’ tour this summer, Ed Sheeran will be expected to start work on his fourth, most likely named ‘Subtract’

Ed Sheeran is the quintessential pop star. With a huge marketing team backing him, this boy could arguably sell anything. As well as starring in new Danny Boyle movie ‘Yesterday’, the ‘Shape Of You’ hitmaker released an exciting range of three new songs, ahead of Ed’s ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’, releasing this friday.

‘Beautiful People’ – feat. Khalid

‘Beautiful People’ is Ed’s new song with American singer songwriter Khalid. Based around a typical electronic beat, this high profile collab mixes pleasing melodies with surprisingly interesting lyrical ideas. The phrase ‘Beautiful People’ here refers to fake, materialistic people, rather than genuinly beautiful people. Ed and Khalid adress the important of staying true to oneself. Sure to be popular with a modern audience, ‘Beautiful People is a good example of true lyrical presence in modern pop music.


‘Best Part Of Me’ – feat. YEBBA

After many early Ed Sheeran fans worrying about their favourite singer’s sudden change of style, fans of Ed’s earlier work would definetly love ‘Best Part of Me’. Giving similiar vibes to ‘Lego House’ and ‘A Team’, acoustic hits from the first Ed Sheeran record, ‘+’, the heavily tattoed superstar’s latest tune would fit well into any of his 3 chart topping LPs.

Telling a tale of two insecure lovers, the two singers pour their heart onto a track, playing the role of two people, deeply in love, repeatedly telling the listener they don’t even love themselves. They don’t undestand how they can be loved, as they list their flaws.

“Why the hell she love me
When she could have anyone else?”

Accompanied with a classic Ed Sheeran guitar based instrumental, listeners of ‘Best Part of Me’ are intended to focus their attention on the moving lyrics. American singer songwriter Abbey Smith, known by stagename YEBBA’s voice perfectly blends with Sheeran’s warm, welcoming singing.

“Baby, the best part of me is you”

‘Best Part Of Me’ is a refreshing reminder of why Ed Sheeran is loved by millions across the globe.


‘BLOW’ feat. Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars

‘BLOW’ is an unfortunate, pathetic attempt at rock. Opening with a simple guitar riff, only 7 seconds into the track we are greeted by the ultimate cliché. As the drums build in, a loud, unpleasant, immature scream is let loose, before the track drops into the main riff . As the riff drops to a bass, a stereotypical verse drones on through. A clear attempt to please a whole new audience, or to make his usual fanbase to feel ‘cool’, we are launched into a basic, unimpressive guitar solo. The riff is beginning to be nothing but plain annoying, as we are forced into another round of ‘jamming out’ to a few simple notes. Finally, the tracks quietens down. After an intense build up, a brief pause takes hold as Ed howls ‘Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind’.

This noise would not feel out of place in a middle school cafeteria: 5 wanna be rockers, aged 12, jumping around with oversized electric guitars, as a small audience of bewildered parents check their watches.


My full review of ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project will be out from Friday.

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