Green Day set to release first single in years – Next Week!

Bringing American rock to the world, Green Day, formed in California, have finally got new music on the way, according to presenter of Kerrang Radio’s breakfast show, Sophie K.

When two 14 year olds formed a band in 1986, and called it ‘Sweet Children’ they were not likely candididates for the heights of chart topping success. The rock trio, who now go by a slightly slicker moniker, Green Day, are likely to finally have a new single on the way, next week.

Despite no official announcement, radio presenter Sophie K has announced that Billie Joe Armstrong and co will drop a new track on July 19, at 5pm. Since the group’s 13th studio album ‘revololution radio’ was released in 2016, fans have been yearning for news of new material.

July 19. 5pm.

Green Day have definitely secured a strong fanbase, but it is difficult to see a new LP in 2019 bringing in a new generation of punk rock fans. Well known for international hits like ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘American Idiot’, it is unlikely that their potential new album will take a modern spin on their 90s inspired style. Unsure of what is to come, die hard Green Day fans are extremely excited for a new era from the kings of stadium rock. Neverthless, a large portion of the fanbase is rightly sceptical, with the unreliablity of this sudden news.

Green Day to return in 2019?

More news to follow.

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